The Art of Collecting Art


To paraphrase Stephen Sondheim, the art of collecting art is putting it together, bit by bit… An art collection doesn’t happen overnight, and not everyone has $450 million to invest in the next Salvator Mundi to hit the auction block. But whether you’re an avid collector or a beginner, buying art should be a part of art in itself.

Listen to Reason

Figure out your reasons for buying art. Do you need to fill up empty space above your couch with a canvas that will match? Maybe you’re looking at it as an investment for future sale. Or maybe you’re creating a collection that will be passed down to future generations. Your art journey will be personal and different from everyone else’s. No need to apologize or explain to anyone.


Explore the Art World

Art is everywhere. Visit galleries, exhibits, and festivals. And don’t forget that restaurants often decorate their space with art from local artists available for purchase. If you’re just starting out, you’ll be exposed to a number of styles. The more you explore, the more you learn and the better you define the art that moves you.


Support Emerging Artists

By supporting emerging artists, you’re establishing opportunities for the future. If the artist is successful, the art will grow in value. But more importantly, you’ll be launching a relationship that could enhance your collection for years to come. If there are few artists in your area, search online.


Invest in You

Your collection says as much about you as it does the artist(s) involved. The more you acquire, the more you’re putting yourself on display. Ignore the trends and market babble. Invest in art that speaks to you and to who are you are.


Do Your Research

But if you are set on engaging in the high-value art auctions, knowledge is power. According to gallerist Cory Allen, “You must understand the market, just like purchasing stock or a house. You have to do your research.”

Charitybuzz hosts artwork from emerging and established artists every day. No matter what artwork you collect, let your collection celebrate the artists and the you at its heart. To borrow from Sondheim again, “That is the state of the art.”

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