Conan O’Brien Shines a Spotlight on the Ojai Playwrights Conference


Some Charitybuzz auctions support a cause that is important to the donor or celebrity personally. Other times, they’re helping to raise money for a spouse, friends, or other family members. A recent auction to attend a taping of Conan and meet Conan O’Brien supported Ojai Playwrights Conference, an organization near and dear to his playwright wife, Liza, and gave one long-time Charitybuzz bidder the experience of a lifetime.

Suzy Tobin discovered Charitybuzz in 2014 when she saw a post from Moby on social media about an auction to win a guitar lesson with him. “I am a huge Moby fan and it was supporting the Humane Society, so I decided to bid and won!”

By subscribing to the email list, Tobin often checks to see what is available on the site. “I definitely watch specific lots,” she says, “and if it is something I have my heart set on or a cause that I’m very passionate about, I’ll bid right away and then keep an eye on it. The nice thing about the bidding system on Charitybuzz is that if someone bids during the last ten minutes of a bidding period, they’ll extend it by ten minutes so people can’t just swoop in without an option for the original winning bidder to have a chance to outbid.”

Over the years, Tobin has won a number of auctions but the opportunity to meet Conan O’Brien was too good to pass up. “I am a BIG fan of Conan,” she says. “I’ve been watching his show since I was little. I also had never been to a live taping of a television show, so this was the perfect opportunity to get to meet him and see the show.”

Tobin and her guests had “a blast” watching the show. “Conan’s staff was SO great,” she says. “From start to finish, they made the experience seamless, relaxed, and fun. They also treat all of the people there for the taping so well.”

When they were escorted backstage to relax in the green room and wait for Conan, “I was thinking it would be a very quick ‘Hi’ and ‘Goodbye,’ and I wasn’t even sure if he’d know what we were there for since I’m sure he’s super busy and probably does a fair amount of meet and greets. I was immediately proved wrong. He was super excited about the fact that we had supported Ojai Playwrights Conference since it is an organization very near and dear to his wife. He asked us a bunch of questions about where we were from, if we enjoyed the show, etc. I could go on and on but I’ll just say—Conan is the best! To top off the experience, we had our picture professionally taken and they were delivered to my inbox within a few days. An awesome capture of a memory my friends and I will talk about forever!”

Tobin loves that “Charitybuzz combines the ability for both you and the person donating their time or an experience to do good, while creating a memory that you’ll cherish forever. I have been able to do some truly amazing things through Charitybuzz over the years but I’ve also been able to do a lot of good. And the celebrities that I’ve met are so excited to also be part of something that helps fund and promote awareness around charitable organizations that are doing really important things. For every single experience I’ve won, the Charitybuzz staff and the connect for the celebrity have been amazing. Everyone puts you at ease because it can be nerve-wracking meeting someone famous for the first time. I have enjoyed six experiences and I have never had a negative interaction.”

Does she plan on bidding again? “Well, funny you should ask… I just won an experience this week and am planning to attend in December. I can’t wait!”

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