7 Unique Ways to Use Charitybuzz


By bidding on luxury items and once-in-a-lifetime experiences on Charitybuzz, you’re helping to raise money for worthy causes. But how you use that winning bid will differ from person to person. Here are some of the most unique ways our customers have used Charitybuzz.



If you’re looking to help jumpstart your kids’ careers, consider bidding on an internship on Charitybuzz. Past auctions have included opportunities in design, fashion, entertainment, PR, marketing, real estate, financial services, and many more. Keep them close with an internship in the US or give them the experience of a lifetime overseas. Speaking of going abroad…



Why not take the trip of a lifetime and change the world at the same time? Charitybuzz features amazing travel packages to satisfy your inner jetsetter. Tee up on exclusive golf courses, cruise the Caribbean, hideaway on a private island, experience a once-in-a-lifetime African safari, and more, all while supporting some of the world’s greatest challenges.



What if you could turn your winning Charitybuzz bid into the most important day of your life? One Charitybuzz bidder not only supported a great cause, she turned her winning travel experience into a wedding she’ll never forget.



On Charitybuzz, you never know what experience you may find or what amazing organization it benefits. But what if the bid, winning or not, opens a new window, creating a lifelong bond between you and a new nonprofit that changes your world in ways you never imagined? Charitybuzz can help, all without exchanging business cards.



Birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, or just because… Why give a Starbucks gift card when you can gift an amazing experience that supports organizations that do good? Charitybuzz makes a unique gift for any occasion and any person—friends and family, co-workers and clients, or even as a treat for yourself. Because why not?



Charitybuzz has great luxury items to take your walls, your home, or your ensemble to the next level. From our gallery of original paintings, prints, and photographs, to stunning sculptures and fashion accessories, you’re sure to find one-of-a-kind items that are dressed to impress.



If you want to save money on your tax bill, a winning Charitybuzz bid may help. Charitybuzz supplies an estimated value for experiences, which is the amount we feel an auction may sell for based on our previous auctions, however the final bid often exceeds this amount. The retail market value of an item is considered the cost of tangible goods and services received. Typically, the amount paid above the retail market value of the item is considered tax-deductible. If you win, you’ll receive a receipt containing the retail market value of your purchase, which can be submitted to a tax professional for determining any tax-deductible amount. (Please note that we’re not tax experts and can’t provide tax letters or tax advice.)  Doing good for a great cause and your bottom line…win-win!

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Your experience on Charitybuzz should be as unique as your life. Use these examples as thought-starters to create the bidding experience that will make the most impact for you and your world.

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