4 Items In the Auction Description You Shouldn’t Miss

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Let’s face it, we’re a society of skimmers, especially when it comes to the written word. We skim, we glean, we get the gist. With such an overwhelming wealth of information at our fingertips 24/7, few of us have time to read it all. But in the figure eights we spin as we skate over the words in front of our face, we may miss out on pertinent information.

At Charitybuzz, we take special care in making sure our auction descriptions contain all the information you need to know to make an informed bid and help you win that prize experience you’ve been dreaming of. But if you miss out on a piece of essential information, you could forfeit that winning bid. Here are 4 items in the auction description that you shouldn’t miss.



Check the dates for the experience, whether it’s a single day or a range of them, as well as expiration dates. Make sure the timing fits with your schedule before you bid. With so many scheduling factors (celebrity, charity, etc.), finding a new date outside the set parameters is rarely an option. Note that long scheduling lead times are common as is the possibility of short notice changes. If the experience is not on a set date, suggest multiple dates if possible to help mitigate back-and-forth correspondence to find one that’s mutually agreeable. Always check your schedule.  



Many auctions allow you to bring along a friend (or friends). But the rules for some auctions only allow one person to enjoy the winning package. Don’t forget age restrictions as well. The charities and donors have gone to great lengths to secure the best possible experience and accommodating extra people is tough to negotiate. If you have any questions about how many people you can bring along, make sure you check with our Customer Service team before bidding.



All experience packages will contain details on the airfare, hotel accommodations, and other forms of travel. But please be aware that most Charitybuzz auctions do not cover travel, so make sure you take this into account when bidding on an experience. For trips with multiple components (hotel, airfare, ground travel, etc.), availability must match. So keep in mind any blackout dates.



All auctions have a minimum processing and handling charge. Larger items (such as autographed musical instruments, works of art, etc.) naturally increase the shipping costs, as do international addresses. Charitybuzz cannot ship to US post office boxes, so make sure you have a current address with street name on file in your account. Since shipping usually occurs within two business days after the end of an auction, immediately verify your intended shipping address (which can be different from the address you have on file) after winning to avoid items getting shipped to the address listed at the close of the auction.

Remember, the devil is in the details, so don’t miss the auction fine print. As always, if you have any questions during bidding or post auction, contact our Customer Service team at info@charitybuzz.com or (212) 243-3900 Monday through Friday, 9 AM – 6 PM ET.

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